How To Care For Your Sleeping Bag


Granger’s Down Cleaner



Wash in Granger’s Down Cleaner. Do not use typical liquid laundry detergent on Gore-Tex fabric. It may leave a residue (such as fabric softeners, fragrance, color brighteners) which could clog the pores of the Gore-Tex. We recommend using warm water for wash and rinse. Do not use all hot or all cold water. It is extremely important to rinse the down very well. We recommend two rinse cycles. For spot cleaning, Granger’s offers G-Wash Spray Cleaner Plus. Both Granger’s cleaners include an odor elimination component that will help keep your bag ‘fresh’.

Dry in dryer on low heat (temperature not to exceed 140 degrees F). Put two clean tennis balls (or similar objects such as “sock balls”) in with the garment. It is extremely important to make sure that your down product is dry to the fullest in order for it to regain its loft. Remove at once; do not allow the garment to remain in the dryer. (A down jacket may take 2-3 hours and a down sleeping bag may take 4-6 hours to dry.)

For removing heavily soiled spots, it is recommended by W.L. Gore to use “Spray & Wash” or “Shout”. We have found Grangers G-Wash Cleaner Plus spray very effective on all types of fabric including Gore-tex.

Do not dry-clean your down and/or Gore-Tex products.


DO NOT WASH OR DRY sleeping bags in home laundry equipment. Use a front-loading machine at a Laundromat and low temperature dryer. Home laundry equipment is too small and may damage sleeping bags.

Information is sourced from Marmot Mountain LLC.

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